Functions Mindfuck or OM is a vital exercise within the institution Discordianism.

Functions Mindfuck or OM is a vital exercise within the institution Discordianism.

The phrase would be created by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson within the Illuminatus! Trilogy. The Patron Saint could be the Midget.


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  • 1 Traditions
  • 2 Conflict Reigns
  • 3 Patron Saint
  • 4 Plans
    • 4.1 Ongoing projects
    • 4.2 OMGASM work
    • 4.3 Completed works
  • 5 change name
  • 6 Conjects
  • 7 outside connections


OM was primarily inspired by Ho Chi Zen, from the Erisian Liberation Front, that’s only one individual although similar specific as Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, composer of The straightforward e-book of facts. The guiding school of thought usually in the beginning recommended when you look at the principles of game titles and economical Behavior by von Neumann and Morgenstern: particularly, that the only system which an opponent cannot estimate try a random plan. The cornerstone experienced already been laid by late Malaclypse younger, K.S.C., when he announced, “Most of us Discordians must all place aside.” This significant decentralization of most Discordian organisations developed an integral random element prior to functions Mindfuck had been recommended. Even now, neither Ho Chi Zen themselves nor other Discordian apostle understands definitely who’s or perhaps is maybe not involved with any phase of process Mindfuck or what tasks they’re or will not be involved in during that task. Thus, the outsider is straight away caught in a double-bind: truly the only safer presumption is the fact any such thing a Discordian does indeed is definitely in some way associated with OM, but, because this guides straight to paranoia, this is simply not a “safe” supposition in fact, as well “risky” theory that regardless what Discordians are trying to do was harmless is “reliable” over the long haul, perhaps. Every factor of OM comes after, or accentuates, this double-bind.

Controversy Reigns

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There certainly is a difference among Discordians in order to regardless of whether, through OM, they ought to seek to develop society, topple it, or report that the training is certainly just for entertainment. Because a great deal of procedure Mindfuck by itself involves hyperbole and overstatement regarding discussing the Discordian environment, it is difficult to determine the genuine degree of the strategy, be it huge or almost non-existent.

For The Illuminatus! Trio, process Mindfuck try epitomized by a champion called Markoff Chaney, an anti-social dwarf which embarks on soft practical joking, in a conscious make an attempt to result in Discord, as a protest against his own mistreatment by our society. One ruse requires the forging of marks which can be closed by “The Mgt.” (trusted individuals feel they’re from “The therapy” as opposed to “the Midget”) that contain absurdities, and putting the clues to get or businesses.

Sponsor Saint

The Midget ended up being called the Discordian Saint of process Mindfuck. The type got encouraged by Michael Arthur Quinn aka the video game professional of Florin.


You will find tasks that c laim become taking part in Operation Mindfuck.

Continuous projects

  • Undertaking Jake: “Instigated by Harold Lord Randomfactor. Once or twice each year, a public servant who may have differentiated on his own by about common imbecility is selected as desired for a Jake and all sorts of Discordian cabals include informed.” The official being recognized get post all the cabals at a time on Jake time. The letters should really be designed and printed in the certified letterhead of each with the cabals and request help in “some confusing governmental situation that passes by all logical knowledge.” Probably essentially the most wide-reaching Discordian Jake was actually The Jake that switched some sort of.
  • Toki Pona: A project which anybody can try and in case taken to the severe could have a wide-reaching affect mankind, the recently appearing marketing to establish Toki Pona since worldwide words. One suggested method is to boldly utilize it in formal companies and constitutional background to assert that the use is actually businesses as usual, while attempting potential intended to entice the most interest and outrage, such as unearthing reputable issues to submit towards UN. Lojban has been proposed as an interlang used as a dialectical antithesis, a tiny bit discordian-funded wholesome opposition staying the pre-specified losers of this facts.
  • Project Eagle: “Day-glo circulars were printed which look like outdated Eagle proclamation saying WITHIN THE POLLS YE SONS OF OVERALL FLEXIBILITY. The fresh, higher Discordian circulars, but have one slight word alter, and declare cheerfully LOSE their POLLS YE SONS OF OPPORTUNITY. Much like the outdated type, they have been posted in popular areas on selection day.”
  • Visualize Pan-Pontification: This undertaking is made of the submission of “Pope cards” declaring every person, female, and youngster on Earth as a Pope of dissension. POPE business is generally received from Discordia Culture Shop
  • Job Graffito (and Project Bumpersticker): “you can now join by inventing a really Erisian slogan and since it is furnished wide distribution. Cases: the local cops happen to be Armed and Dangerous; Legalize Free-Enterprise killing; Why Should governing bodies have the ability to the enjoyment?; crush the Government Postal market; If Voting Could Change the program, It could be illegal; etc.”
  • Residents Against substance abuse: “This group possesses elegant letterheads and is particularly focused on a promotion of encouraging Congressmen to outlaw catnip, cast treatment where matter simply show if you like them to punctuation recommended a drug which some youngsters were puffing whenever marijuana is during brief sources.” The concept behind that is that as the government shed a lot reputation within the fighting on marijuana, a campaign to outlaw a “the same, but even more humorous spice” can lead to a total losing trust in federal.
  • Improv all over the place arranges citizens to accomplish specific, weird, and orchestrated strategies, such as process individuals Mirror. The group, naturally, denies becoming tangled up in OM.
  • The unique induction visualize attempts locate similar people and mislead the remainder.


Completed projects

  • Colbertgasm – your panels to recruit Mr. Colbert and Mr. Stewart to the trick societies they would finest perks
  • MileyGASM – your panels to sponsor Miley beam Cyrus into Discordian ranks and acknowledge becoming a Discordian American Princess

Alternate titles

Even though a portion of this different names for process Mindfuck include labeled, unclassified types add in OM (which seems to be an abbreviation) and process Mindfool (used by Shamlicht family association).


By explanation, all plans of functions Mindfuck were untrue, such as that one.

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